Why are thousands of storage facility operators starting to conduct their lien auctions entirely online?

  • 1 It's easier

    Drive here, drive there. Walk here, walk there. Shout. Then do it all over again. It's either that, or list an auction online, then sit back and relax as bidders compete online to win. It's so much easier you'll wonder why on earth you didn't start sooner.

  • 2 It’s saving them time & money

    Time is money, and facilities going online with their auctions are saving lots of it. They’re also saving on payroll costs, gas & travel, and other administrative costs associated with organizing physical auctions.

  • 3 It’s more tenant friendly

    Your tenants don't want to have to fight over parking spaces and run into large, noisy auction crowds as they move into or out of their units. Conducting your auctions online creates a more peaceful, less stressful environment for your tenants.

  • 4 They’re recovering more revenue

    Since buyers don't have to contend with scheduling conflicts, traffic, or fear of the unknown, the result is that more buyers see and bid on online auctions, maximizing revenue every time.

  • 5 It’s more predictable

    Never again worry about bad weather, traffic jams, or unforeseen employee emergencies affecting auction day. With online storage auctions, you don't need to have a single staff member present, and buyers can bid from the comfort of their own home, knowing that the auction will end on-schedule each and every time.

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How it works for facilities


How do you make money?

We charge buyers a 10% buyers premium on each auction they win. We also run advertisements throughout the site which allow us to completely eliminate any cost to you.

Is this legal?

In most states there is no question that it is legal, and even in states with vaguely written lien laws, our process is compliant because the final transaction or sale occurs at the facility. There has never been a single reported legal challenge to date involving the online auction process despite thousands of auctions completed online.

What if the winning bidder doesn’t show?

This is a rare case, but you can either sell the unit to the next highest bid, or relist your auction.

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