You've won Your Storage Unit, now what?

Once you've won your storage unit, it's time to go through it and determine the value. Its not uncommon to find pieces that you're unfamiliar with that may have value. Rule #17, don't sell anything until you know its value. Two unrelated sources/opinions of value are recommended, especially when it comes to coins, stamps, and other unique items of value. We will follow up with some stories about treasures sold for peanuts and the remedies that we developed to never have to say " I sold a "blank" for little value because was unaware of the true value. 

To help you sort through your finds, here are three helpful ways to value your items found in your storage unit:

Assess the Condition of Your Items

Since you are blindly bidding on your storage unit, once you have access to your unit, make sure you're taking the time to carefully sort through your items. As you're going through the unit, you should be searching for the manufacturer's mark, size, and item condition. Also, inspect each item and make sure that nothing is cracked, chipped, or needs repairs.

As your assessing each item, now would be a great time to pull out your camera and start taking pictures of the items you plan to sell.

Research Your Items

To determine the value of an item in your storage unit requires some careful research, especially if you're planning on re-selling an item for a profit. You may find it helpful to compare your item to similar items selling at your local retail store or online.

If you're having trouble determining the item's average price, you can ask a few people close to you their opinions or how much they'd be willing to buy the item for.

Value Your Items

Once you've assessed and researched each item, it's time to price them! Remember, if there are any cracks or repairs that need to be done, keep that in mind when you're determining a price.

Once the value is set, you're free to start selling!

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