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Fact or Fiction: Addressing Some of the Latest Rumors About Storage Auctions

When a storage tenant stops paying rent on their storage unit, their unit becomes eligible for an auction. After some time of not hearing back from the tenant, their belongings can be auctioned to the highest bidder to help pay back the missed rent that is owed to the business. Storage unit auctions are also held to help clear out any of the contents from self-storage....more

Why Are Storage Units Often Left Abandoned?


For those who need a little more extra storage, purchasing a storage unit can be very useful. Whether you need it to store extra household items, appliances, inventory, or anything else that you don't have space for at the moment, a storage unit can be a great investment!  

However, because storage units require the user to pay....more

Once you've won your storage unit, it's time to go through it and determine the value. Its not uncommon to find pieces that you're unfamiliar with that may have value. Rule #17, don't sell anything until you know its value. Two unrelated sources/opinions of value are recommended, especially when it comes to coins, stamps, and other unique items of value. We will follow up with some stories about treasures sold for peanuts and the remedies that we developed to never have to say " I....more

4 Unbelievable Storage Unit Finds!

When exploring abandoned storage units, it’s always the dream to find that one unit

filled with one-of-a-kind discoveries. While not every unit will be filled with valuable

treasures, we can assure you that it happens more often than you’d think.

The best part about abandoned storage units is you never know what you’re going to

get. Sometimes your unit can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Check out some....more


5 Tips for a Successful Storage Auction Experience

Television shows like Storage Wars introduced the general public to the concept of storage auctions. When a person rents a storage locker, they agree to pay a monthly rental fee. If the renter misses several payments, the storage facility has the right to auction off the renter’s items. These storage auctions are a source of resellable items.

Here are 5 tips to help you succeed with storage auction bidding.

1. Know....more

Make sure when cutting locks that you always use safety goggles or a protective face shield. The grinding disc can sometimes explode and come apart and fly hundreds of feet.  Always use a pair of vise grips to secure the lock while grinding the lock off.

We find it a good practice to inventory from the door, record the entire process with tripod and video we prefer to have two people present at time of inventory and then use a unique one-of-a-kind seal (Chateau) along with a....more

 It can be a scary thing buying a storage unit if you've never done it before.  Fortunately, is here to help you with all of the information necessary to do it and do it well!  We'll have you making extra money from home in no time buying storage units like a pro!  Here are some of our best tips and tricks:

 Tip #1:  Make sure to turn in personal items to the facility.   These are things such....more The fans want to know more about Ursula "The Knockout" tell us How did you get involved with the tv show Storage Wars Canada ? And do you enjoy being on TV?

Ursula: To make a long story short, the casting director for Storage Wars Canada saw a picture of me and decided to give me a chance. I love being a part of the show and working on T.V.; it's the unpredictability is what I love most - every day is a new adventure!

Mary Padian: Finding Her Way Into our Reselling Hearts, Part Two.

This is the second part in a two part series of exclusive interviews that did with Mary Padian.  If you missed the first part, you can check it out here. 

StorageAuctions.Net:   Thank you so much for sticking around with us for a few more questions.

Mary:   No problem.


This Texas girl moved to New York city with some big dreams and a college degree in Photojournalism before working a series of odd jobs and ultimately deciding to return home to Texas.  On her way out of the state, literally, she got a call that was the first of a couple of life changing moments — from Conde Nast who wanted her to interview for Architectural Digest Magazine.   Even though she was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and had all of her....more

Last week, we introduced you to the creators and owners of, Dan and Laura Dotson.

This week, we're offering you an amazing opportunity to enter a contest!

To enter, all you have to do is create a free account, if you don't have one already.  The accounts are totally free!  Then, you should "follow" and "like" us on Facebook and Twitter, and share the posts about the contest.

You can access the Facebook page and....more Owner Spotlight - Dan & Laura Dotson 

Greetings!  I’m Rebecca and I’m a new writer here at   For my first blog I thought it would be a good idea to explain where this great site and it’s great content come from.  You may or may not know that is owned by Dan & Laura Dotson of American Auctioneers as seen on Storage Wars, and they are probably one of the most interesting couples....more

In 1938, Superman was introduced to newsstands via Action Comics #1 for $.10 cents a copy.  Last week, the pristine grade 9.0 copy of Action Comics fetched a record $3,207,852 on an Ebay auction.  

There’s an abundance of Action Comic books for sale, but, like coins, comic books are graded for authenticity and quality.

Ebay did not disclose the winning bidder, but an online auctioneer Metropolis/ComicConnect said that they....more

It requires a certain expertise to locate the right find. If you’re in the resale business, own a thrift store or an antique resale shop, storage auctions are a great source of fresh inventory which you can turn into a profit.

 Antique shop owners can benefit from the abundance and variety of items found in storage auctions.  Stocking the shop is quicker and easier with storage auctions than shopping yard sales or garage sales every....more

If you’ve never been to a storage auction before, you’ll want to check out the next storage auction in your area.  It’s a mad house of passionate entrepreneurs, each outbidding the other with dollars and a whole lot of drive.

Storage auctions can be extremely profitable. On the day of the auctions, buyers are waiting long before it starts, and everyone is ready to get the first look inside the storage.  Many will say the anticipation while waiting can heat up the....more