Could the next Holy Grail of comic books be found at a storage auction?

In 1938, Superman was introduced to newsstands via Action Comics #1 for $.10 cents a copy.  Last week, the pristine grade 9.0 copy of Action Comics fetched a record $3,207,852 on an Ebay auction.  

There’s an abundance of Action Comic books for sale, but, like coins, comic books are graded for authenticity and quality.

Ebay did not disclose the winning bidder, but an online auctioneer Metropolis/ComicConnect said that they won the auction from Pristine Comics in Seattle, the seller.

Pristine Comics explained how this comic, originally purchased in 1938 by a man from West Virginia, was kept in a cedar chest at a high-altitude location.  The cool, dry and dark environment kept the comic in nearly perfect condition.

The book was eventually discovered in the 70’s and sold to a dealer, who resold it to Pristine Comics.  No one would confirm if it was found at a Storage Auction.

While this comic is a unique book and a rare find, there are many comic books that reach a few hundred thousand dollars.  Soon after the Holy Grail hit the $3,000,000 mark, another comic on Ebay made it to $69.000.  We can't help but wonder if the next Holy Grail comic awaits inside a storage unit.  

Certified Guaranteed Company “CGC? sees thousands of books on a regular basis from consumers looking to grade their item prior to selling.  The CGC grading is essential if you come across the next big action comic find.  This certified grading helps collectors determine the quality and authenticity of the find.

Besides pawn shops, I cannot think of a better place to score an amazing find like this rare comic, can you?

Online storage auctions are easy to map out and schedule.  Not knowing what waits behind those doors is the best excitement.  The possibility of finding the next hit auction item is a lot greater when compared to other liquidations or sale methods.

Estate sales have amazing finds too, but each item at an estate sale is researched and properly priced prior to the sale.  Getting your hands on one of these comics is possible, but it will more than likely be sold at the price it’s worth.

If you haven’t ventured into the online storage auction market, this is the time to do it.  At, we’re leading the way in online storage auctions, but believe the traditional storage auctions still have their place.  Therefore, our online storage auction site continues to provide traditional auction listings.  Go ahead, ask yourself the same question: Could the next Holy Grail of comic books be found at my next storage auction?