4 Myths About Storage Auctions

4 Myths About Storage Auctions  
While storage unit auctions are becoming more popular each year, there are some myths still surfacing about them. If youíre new to storage auctions, or youíre looking to learn more about it. Let's start by debunking some common myths about storage auctions:   

Myth #1 Every Unit is Valuable  While itís our goal that you get lucky, we recommend not going into a storage unit with the idea that you will always find rare treasures. Although there might be some hidden gems in your unit that are worth value, itís not going to be the case every time. When you're bidding on a storage unit, make sure you're going in open-minded because you do have a great chance of taking home some unique treasures.   

Myth #2 Valuable Items Are Removed Before Auctions  Another common myth that surfaces in the auction world are when people say that valuable items are removed before auctions. At Storage Auctions, we are proud to share that weíve had many success stories within our company. We want to see our customers succeed!  

Myth #3 Itís Impossible to Tell Whatís Inside a Unit  Although you canít physically check out a unit before the auction begins, most times, you can get a look at the overview of the unit before you place your bid. At Storage Auctions, you can preview pictures of our storage units before you make a bid. However, part of the thrill of a storage unit auction is that you donít know everything that youíre bidding on. So, there might be items packed away in boxes or covered with blankets that you might not be able to get a great look at until the auction is finished.    

Myth #4 You Must Physically Attend the Auction  Do you want to bid from the comfort of your home? At Storage Auctions, our online auctions allows buyers to bid from their smartphones and desktop, eliminating the time commitments and travel expenses that a traditional auction entails.Buyers can sign up for free and immediately start browsing our auctions without entering any payment information until youíre ready to place your bid. Plus, our system is the first of its kind on the market to accept digital and cryptocurrency.  
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