Ursula Stolf Storage Wars Canada

StorageAuctions.net: The fans want to know more about Ursula "The Knockout" tell us How did you get involved with the tv show Storage Wars Canada ? And do you enjoy being on TV?

Ursula: To make a long story short, the casting director for Storage Wars Canada saw a picture of me and decided to give me a chance. I love being a part of the show and working on T.V.; it's the unpredictability is what I love most - every day is a new adventure!

StorageAuctions.net: How long have you been in the Buy sell trade business? And how do you sell your stuff?

Ursula: I always was a 'picker'; before getting involved with Storage Wars Canada, I always looked for great treasures, with the goal of flipping what ever I found for profit. I have an online store on Facebook and I love taking advantage of free outlets like Kijiji to sell the items that I find.

StorageAuctions.net: besides Storagewars Canada what are some other favorite TV shows that you enjoy watching?

Ursula: I love documentaries on pretty much anything I also enjoy Crime Reality style T.V. shows like the 'First 48', Forensic Files etc.

StorageAuctions.net: Are you married, single or attached because the fans want to know your status.

Ursula: lol! Yes, I am married to the most handsome, wonderful and supportive man in the world, he truly is my greatest blessing!

StorageAuctions.net: what is your guilty pleasure question?.

Ursula: Guilty Pleasures ? Well to name a few... sliced dill pickles on toasted english bread with mayonaise (hey... it's really good ... I swear!!), I love watching the movie Pretty in Pink, I secretly like some of Justin Bieber's Music, shopping for shoes --- I have over 400 pair!!

StorageAuctions.net: Fans are intrigued that you are an attractive hard working women in a very difficult business, has This had an effect on you either positively or negatively?

Ursula: Fans ask me all the time why am I in this line of work? I always tell them that I enjoy the unpredictability- I love the mystery. You just never know what you are going to find. Despite the heavy lifting, I am always focused on turning a profit. My experience to date, has always been positive - always learning and growing!

StorageAuctions.net: Do you spend any time with any of the other buyers on the show in your off time? And if so who?
5a) Tell us, do you have any favorites on the show and who may be your biggest rival?

Ursula: I seldom spend time with any of the other buyers from the show. Rule #1 - 'No Friends at auction' lol!

StorageAuctions.net: when you're not out there being a storage warrior tell us what you do with your time and what are some of your hobbies? charities etc...

Ursula: I like to exercise, read and spend time with my family. I like to support and give my time to charitable organizations that assist those with Alzheimers and Autism.

StorageAuctions.net: what are some of the tricks of the trade you use to sell items and where do you sell your stuff? Do you sell stuff online and if so where?

Ursula: I often use auction houses to move the bulk of my locker finds. It also comes in handy to have an arsenal of contacts who buy specific items. However, for the items I choose to sell for bigger profit... I utilize all the free buy and sell sites like Craigs list and Kijijij to maximize my profit.

StorageAuctions.net: We know Canada is a huge country, tell us about the longest or the strangest RoadTrip you've ever had while chasing a deal?

Ursula: Craziest road trip chasing a deal would have to be the one to Pennyslvannia acquiring the 1970's red corvette that you see me driving on the show. The vehicle was going to sell quick... my husband and I had limited time to get from Toronto to Pennsylvania. A lot of obstacles- weather conditions, lack of proper paper work, customs, Thanksgiving and making it back on time in one piece! After everything said and done - we closed the deal!

StorageAuctions.net: We see you as a solo rider on the show but if you could pick a partner either fictitious or real, Dead or alive, past or present, who would it be?

Ursula: If I had the chance to bring back my father ... I would choose him to be my partner. He would have enjoyed buying lockers at this level - plus he would definitely keep all the others buyers in line!

StorageAuctions.net: do you have any pets or animals

Ursula: Yes, I have several pets; dog, bird and a chinchilla.

StorageAuctions.net: if you could partner up with anyone from Storage;Wars LA TX Miami NY Who would it be and why?

Ursula: First pick would be Barry Weiss... I have a soft spot for him.. he seems like he would add to the insanity of locker buying. Second pick would have to be Mary Padian - she is also solo buyer who I think we would work well together... I like her style!

StorageAuctions.net: do you like to sing or play any musical instruments?

Ursula: I love to sing... I am singing all the time. The problem is... I drive everyone nuts around me!

StorageAuctions.net: do you speak more than one language?

Ursula: Besides english- I speak some French and Arabic.

StorageAuctions.net: what is your favorite food?

Ursula: My favourite food would have to be sushi or pizza.

StorageAuctions.net: Since Storage;Wars Canada have you been on or thought about being on any other TV shows. If so please tell us.

Ursula: I have participated on a couple of Canadian t.v. talk and radio shows. I am always open to new things; I will always entertain the possibility of new opportunities. However, Storage Wars Canada has been the main focus.

StorageAuctions.net: would you please let all the fans know all of your social media links and how they can find you?
17) have you always lived in Canada.

Ursula: You can find me on
Twitter - @UTheKnockout
Facebook - Ursula Stolf 'The Knock Out' Storage Wars Canada Fan Club
SnapChat @UrsTheKnockout
Facebook Store - Ursula's Locker Loot
You Tube - Ursula Stolf

StorageAuctions.net: have you always lived in Canada.

Ursula: I was born and raised in Canada. I truly believe it is the best country on the planet!

StorageAuctions.net: What does your family and friends think about you being on TV all around the world?

Ursula: My family is very proud of me, they think it pretty phenomenal that the show airs in over 140 countries around the world!

StorageAuctions.net: do people recognize you every day and how does being so recognizable affect your daily life.

Ursula: I am recognized on a daily basis. Regardless of where I am, what I am doing and what I am wearing. People are very polite and kind - they come up to me and always have the nicest things to say. I am always flattered by the fact that people recognize me. I don't think Ill ever get used to that element of being on T.V. Nonetheless, I feel very blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to participate as one of the cast members of such and iconic series.

StorageAuctions.net: it's obvious that you're a very positive person and enjoy your line of work.  What would be your advice to someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Ursula: I always tell people who are seeking advice about starting up in the locker business - first and foremost 'educate yourself'. Do your research - go to a handful of auctions before placing a bid. Make sure you understand the expense, labour and commitment involved when buying lockers. Have a game plan, how are you going to sell what you have acquired? A lot of variables involved that many first time buyers do not take into consideration.

StorageAuctions.net: We are asking all Storage;Wars cast members the same question if you had a super human power or ability what would it be?

Ursula: Tele transportation or having the ability to stop time... both super powers would be equally beneficial!

StorageAuctions.net: Tell us more about you.

Ursula: One thing that many people do not know about me is that I have a Masters of Education. I am a high school Senior Social Science teacher.