Why Are Storage Units Often Left Abandoned?

Why Are Storage Units Often Left Abandoned?


For those who need a little more extra storage, purchasing a storage unit can be very useful. Whether you need it to store extra household items, appliances, inventory, or anything else that you don't have space for at the moment, a storage unit can be a great investment!  

However, because storage units require the user to pay rent and stay on top of that rent, you will have to claim your belongings when you no longer wish to pay for your storage unit. Often, many storage unit renters will never claim their items, abandoning them.


There are quite a few reasons why storage units may get left behind. Here are some of the most common reasons we see today: 


1.      Storage Unit Owners Can't Pay Fees

Often, abandonment results from the owner not being able to afford the unit's rental payments. Most times, renting a storage unit is inexpensive, but over time these payments can add up if the person gets behind on these payments. Once an owner falls behind on paying rent, it can be difficult for them to recover. Therefore, they give up the unit. If this happens, it is up to the facility's owners to decide what to do with the storage unit.


2.      The Owner of the Unit Passes Away

There are a few cases where the storage unit owner dies suddenly, leaving the unit behind. When this happens, often, the owner hasn't informed anyone of the existence of the unit. Usually, the facility will wait for family members to come forward and claim the contents, but if no one speaks up in a certain matter of time, the lot owner can choose to dispose of the items however they'd like, usually ending up placing them up for auction.


3.      The Business Was Shut Down

Often, businesses will rent out storage units to help store extra supplies and inventory. When a business unexpectedly closes, it can lead to the abandonment of a storage unit. Leaving all the items for their prior business sitting and a lot of the time they have no need for them so they stop paying rent on the units, where the facility therefor can do a lien sale on them.


4.      Lack of Interest of The Unit

Whether the owner has forgotten about the unit or doesn't care about its belongings, some owners may willingly leave their storage units behind. Although it may seem impossible to forget about the items in your storage unit, it is a lot more common than you might think. Sometimes life gets too hectic or people place items in the unit that they can live without so when the rent stacks up or someone goes to jail they just decide to move on without the items in the unit all together.


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